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Architecture Tours

Our tours are designed to showcase the rich history and diverse styles of architecture found around the world.

From Ancient Indian Temples to Spanish Gaudí

Our architectural tours are designed to be immersive and educational experiences for students. They go beyond sightseeing, offering hands-on workshops where students can learn practical skills like sketching and rendering. Students also get the invaluable opportunity to interact with local architects, gaining insights into the design process and the challenges and considerations of building in different locations. Through site visits, documentation and assignments, students will delve deeper into the world of architecture, learning about different styles, materials, and sustainable design practices.

Project Study Tours

Check out our unique Ladder-based 6-Step Project Study Tours. Each project study tour is tailor-made to suit your needs!

  • 1st Ladder - Objectives

  • 2nd Ladder - Learning Outcomes

  • 3rd Ladder - Lesson Procedure

  • 4th Ladder - Student Activities

  • 5th Ladder - Assessment & Evaluation

  • 6th Ladder - Rewards

Our Itineraries Include

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Happy Customers

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Very nicely arranged tour for architectural studies. Good management of travel, food & stay. Special compliments to dear Satish for his apt & effective service. We've always had a comfortable & fair-priced tours. Shall definitely look forward to conduct similar study tours in the future. Keep it up!

Tushar Shetty, HOD - Rachana Sansad


Dear Mr. Mohit & Mr. Raj, thank you very much for organising the Ahmedabad trip very well & timely arrangement of travel, food & hotel facilities. Your valuable support has made the trip successful!

Shirish Avrani, Thakur School of architecture & planning



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a close up of many different colored bikes
a close up of many different colored bikes
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the great wall street fighter