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Safety At Khushi Holidays

Reliable and Experienced Staff Offering Educational Tours for Schools and Colleges Since 1994

What We Do To Ensure Safe Educational Journeys

At Khushi Holidays, we understand that the safety & security of your children are paramount. With our meticulous planning & rigorous safety measures, we strive to provide a worry-free experience for both parents & teachers alike.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Before every journey, our dedicated team conducts thorough assessments of the destinations to identify any potential risks. Each group participant receives a Risk Assessment & Control Form well in advance of departure, ensuring transparency & preparedness.

Experienced Tour Escorts

Our tour escorts are not only experts in their field but also certified in first-aid. Equipped with comprehensive first-aid kits & extensive destination knowledge, they ensure that every tour is conducted with utmost caution & care.

Travel Insurance for Peace of Mind

We prioritize your peace of mind by providing comprehensive travel insurance coverage for all participants. This ensures that in the unlikely event of any unforeseen circumstances, everyone is well-protected.

Safe & Insured Transportation

We understand the importance of safe travel. Hence, we exclusively use first-party insured tourist permit vehicles, maintaining high standards of safety & reliability throughout the journey.

Continuous Monitoring & Support

Throughout the tour, our team maintains constant vigilance, monitoring local situations & ensuring immediate support in case of emergencies. Our proactive approach guarantees a smooth & secure experience for everyone involved.

At Khushi Holidays, we are committed to creating enriching educational experiences while prioritizing the safety & well-being of our participants. Join us in exploring the world with confidence, knowing that every journey with us is backed by meticulous planning, expert guidance, & unwavering dedication to safety.